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Paul-CostiganI am an independent writer, commentator, researcher and consultant on all things visual arts, photography, music, urban design, development and planning, and a host of related climate change issues. I also have an interest in and experience on arts and not for profit boards and administration.

Prime interests: Photography, Arts, Culture and Urban Issues.

(photograph by Gael Newton)

My employment and related background is:

  • 13 years as the CEO for the Australia Institute of Landscape Architects – includes experience in administration, governance and corporations law, juries, accreditation, publications, online forums, advocacy and policy development.
  • National Director for Museums Australia
  • An independent cultural consultant
  • Executive Officer for an Arts and Recreation Industry Advisory Body (involved lots of education and training matters, including accreditation)
  • Artistic Director of Megalo Access Arts (Screenprint and access arts)
  • Too much time in arts advocacy and part-time writer on the visual arts
  • Served on many committees and boards of management of arts and not for profit companies
  • Somewhere back there I was a school teacher
  • I pretended for two years to be a national serviceman in the army
  • Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts);  specialising in photography & print making (Screenprint)

Currently doing a range of research and arts related consultancy activities.

I am always open to consultancies on urban, community and the arts related matters and initiatives; and writing lots on anything and everything.

The other high interests are travel, visiting urban sites, roaming cities, enjoying visual arts (particularly photography) exhibitions and visiting galleries.

I maintain several online sites, including my photographic research sites  photo-web   and I contribute  regularly to City News – and then there is my blog A Word or Two.

My partner is Gael Newton and she blogs on her own site – click here.

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