After The War

Exhibition at the Australian War Memorial

An exhibition highly recommended.

The Australian War Memorial in Canberra presents thought provoking exhibition titled After The War.

The curators have delivered a fantastic exhibition that explores the legacy of the First World War – with the emphasis on the people involved and their families over the hundred years since.

Among many other precious artifacts, the exhibition includes a spread of photography – including a panel of one hundred portraits, vernacular photographs and a selection taken by known photographers, Cazneaux, May & Mina Moore, David Moore, Laurence Aberhart, John F Williams and more.

Pick a quiet day as the exhibition is very sombre and does what the institution was meant to do; to be a memorial to the people involved in these horrible wars.

Congratulations to Magda Keaney the chief curator for this exhibition; her last in Australia before she departed to be the Senior Curator Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery London.

The photographs above represent only a portion of the exhibition – there’s much more.

recommended you visit!




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