David Goldblatt

Exhibition: Documentary photography at the MCA

Documentary photography at its best is to be enjoyed this summer at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

If you enjoy documentary photography – then you need to travel from where-ever you are in the world to see this absolutely stunning exhibition.

A word of warning – this is one big exhibition. There are loads of photographs spread across the whole of the 3rd Floor of the MCA.

You will need to allocate a lot of time to see it all  ( we were there for two hours) – and then to come back another day to take it in again.

Note – they explain that it is a one-entry ticket – so you have to pace yourself. The benches are not that comfortable -being too low for anyone other than the fit and young (definitely not age/disabled-friendly).

There should also be a few rest areas given the size of the exhibition – with comfortable seating.

It is also recommended that you watch the video just inside the exhibition to the left. It introduces you to the photographer and his work style – and his thoughts on his work – and this is a big thing to understand more about the photographs and their context  that you are about to experience.

Sadly David Goldblatt died in June 2018 – so he did not get to see this exhibition. Here’s an obituary in The Guardian – click here.

And another from the British Journal of Photography – click here.

Here’s the MCA’s website on the exhibition – click here.

Here’s selection of my photos to give you an idea of the exhibition. Again – it is a huge exhibition with a lot to take in.
















David Goldblatt Photographs
Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney until 3 March 2019

and, as usual there were people that could not resist taking selfies or photographs of each other in front of works..

and so here’s my  seflie:

This MCA exhibition –  David Goldblatt – is definitely a must see exhibition.

details – the MCA’s website on the exhibition – click here.

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