NGA Collection Exhibitions

A wander through the NGA in August 2018

Here’s a series of photographs from walking through the collection galleries of the National Galleries of Australia.

This is a very small representation of the great collections on exhibitions at any time at the NGA.

You may at times travel to the NGA to see special exhibitions – such as the American Masters – but you must remember that the NGA has fantastic exhibitions at all times of the year – whether there is a special exhibition or not.

It is highly recommended that you visit the NGA just to see the collection exhibitions – or at least always allow an extra hour or two when you do visit a special exhibition – as there is so much more to take in at any time of the year at the NGA.

Please note – that any of these works photographed here may be changed-over, as the NGA is constantly changing their exhibitions.

Over to you – get you to the NGA very soon.


















and the NGA staff are always there somewhere ready to make changes…

and remember that parking is free on the weekend.



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