Art Criticism

Threats to Freedom of the Arts

It is unusual to find among visual arts writers/ critics those who express an honest strong critical opinion about artworks/ exhibitions.

Too many writers are self censoring and/or are looking to ensure that they do not upset any gallery staffers – less they may be deprived of invites and opportunities. This is always a hard choice when people depend on these jobs for all or part of their living wage.

It is not uncommon that anyone publishing a less than favourable critic of an exhibition to find that they are confronted and censured by someone associated the exhibition or institution involved (been there a couple of times).

Then there is the even more worrying aspect of the visual arts, being when the government of the day applies pressure when the consider that something does not fit their political ideology or some artwork contains a criticism of the government.

Freedom of the arts is under constant threat in the 21st Century.

Here’s an article about art criticism – click here

and here’s an article about the government interference in the arts in Europe – that has a resonance here in Australia with the current Federal government. Click here.

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