National Photography Prize 2018

the 2018 Photo prize at Albury (MAMA)

Took the time while driving back from Melbourne to stop at Albury to see the exhibition of the 2018 National Photography Prize.

I had not read much before visiting – so I was hoping to see a collection of the latest contemporary photography.

The first warning are contained in the words from the gallery website  (which I read later)..

Artists working across all areas of the photographic field were encouraged to apply for the 2018 National Photographic Prize; extending the artists considered from those working in traditional forms of light based, chemical production through to artists dealing with hybrid and expanded fields of photography and image making.

12 artists have been selected as finalists in this year’s prize, with each artist contributing a series of works to the exhibition.

There in that paragraph was another version of words that point towards  how photography is being redefined under the banner of contemporary art.

I was bit taken aback. As an exhibition of contemporary art, in the current fashionable style, it was an OK exhibition.

There are some photographs in this exhibition.

There are many works whereby the artists have created contemporary art using some elements of the photographic process.

As an exhibition of contemporary photography, I was disappointed.

The exhibition closes Sunday 22 July 2018.

Here’s my photographs of the exhibition.











See also my photographs of the Michael Riley exhibition at MAMA

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Might follow up on this subject of what is not photography,

cheers, Paul

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