Michael Riley at MAMA

Michael Riley’s Flyblown exhibition


When calling into see the 2018 National Photography Prize at Albury, I was first taken by a small exhibition in the room opposite.

The Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA), the city gallery in Albury, has mounted this wonderful set of photographs by the late Michael Riley.

I have not seen this exhibition as one before. But those works I had seen before were beautiful then –  and they are remain just as beautiful today. As an exhibition this one is one to see.

The exhibition closes Sunday 8 July 2018

From the gallery’s website:

The nine images in Flyblown present an enigmatically powerful vision of the Australian landscape and the impacts of colonisation upon it and its first peoples. In moving between images of sky, rushes, water, cracked red earth, a dead galah, and a near-omnipresent Christian cross, Riley evokes a narrative of beauty, dispossession and death, resilience and sovereignty.  In the twenty years since the series was first shown, Flyblown has presented an articulation of Indigenous experience of Australia that holds as great an importance now as it did in 1998.

Here’s my photographs of the exhibition:









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