NGA in the bush

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Above is ‘not the usual’ view of the Australian National Gallery in Canberra.

The city is known affectionately as the bush capital*. The NGA is surrounded by beautiful gardens that are based on using mostly native plants.

This photograph was taken while walking to the NGA across King Edward Terrace.  The locals were busy with their lunch and ignored us as we walked by.

A very Canberra scene– sulphur crested white cockatoos and gum trees.

  • While much of central and older Canberra has a lush tree canopy, sadly much of the last decade of development as overseen by the ACT Government  through ist very questionable planning and development regimes, has meant that this ‘bush capital’ legacy is gradually being reduced. All the new suburbs are as bad as any anywhere when it comes to the lack of greenery and biodiversity. Large houses on small blocks – with very little greenery – and so very little shade.

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