Antony Gormely and Jonathan Jones

The Critical Visual Arts Review

There is not a lot of well written independent thinking reviews of the visual arts. Many are cautious as they need to be mindful of the next gig – more a comment on how the powerplay function in the contemporary art scene.

Many organisations will fight back if they receive any criticism about themselves. Some will take to sending out semi-threatening messages to reviewers if the review is not to the standard they expect – being more a promotional media statement then a real critical and thoughtful review.

Yet despite all this there are reviewers who speak their mind and therefore do the right thing and make people think. Jonathan Jones often does this. Not that you always agree with his judgements, but what his words often do is to make you rethink the issues, the exhibition, or whatever – and whether you can justify your agreement or disagreement alongside his statements.

Any such review is to be welcomed as at least you get to read about exhibition you will probably not get to see. But there are similar exhibitions taking place elsewhere and to have these thoughts assist, confirm or challenge your thinking is wonderful.

Here are Jonathan Jones’ not too kind words about a recent exhibition by Antony Gormely… click here.

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