Scandal at NGA – well maybe not

Someone trying to catch the NGA out on something – anything!

When there are so many things to be thinking about – the Crimes of Canberra has a focus on the purchase of chairs at the NGA.

This is important stuff!

Drop everything!

It seems that someone at the Crimes does not like the NGA.

Or maybe it is another case of any NGA tale makes good copy – and catches people’s attention…

The first story was that they had spent too much on chairs for their exclusive members’ lounge.

Such a crime! Such a headline! click here

But wait!!!!!

now it seems they did not spend enough!

Such another crime! Such anotherĀ  headline! click here

and make sure you have a good look at the photographs of the lounge – it definitely looks “exclusive’.

Glad I found out about this scandal.

Now – back to washing the lawn, polishing the letterbox and vacuuming the neighbour’s cat – and loads of other important things.

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