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AGNSW photography gallery not visible in 2018

Keen to plan 2018 visits to Sydney, I looked online to see what photography exhibitions would be held in the photography gallery at the Art Gallery of NSW (Sydney).

and this is what I saw. click here

Not much – is the answer!

It seems that photography and its dedicated space has been shelved – despite these words on the same website:

Three exhibitions open each year in this gallery. Focusing on Australian and international photography, they present the work of individual artists and groups of artists, and explore themes and specific periods in photographic history. The aim is to expand our understanding of the ever-changing nature of photography – the most pervasive medium of the 21st century which, from its birth, changed the course of art.

Given the contradiction there – I suspect these words may disappear soon.

Has the photography curatorial position, along with the space,  been deployed to other duties?

Why have a such an important collection if you do not exhibit the works in their own space? Photography has a loyal audience in NSW and beyond – yet for some reason the AGNSW has now taken away this dedicated photography space for 2018.

Another photography space lost?

Time for the Australian Museum of Photography (AMoP)- maybe it could be in Parramatta?


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