NGA Summer 2017 update

A few images and comments on the recent changes to the collection exhibitions at the National Gallery of Canberra – more reasons to visit during summer 2017/2018.


above: where there was till recently a very nice selection of Southeast Asian photography – there’s now a collection of eight Atget photographs.




Below: Recently opened is a selection of prints by Otto Dix and a wall of photographs by August Sander; loved his landscape photographs.



Below – they keep moving my favourite painting – that wonderful Rothko..



For the last few months there was a selection of Lee Friedlander’s photographs on a wall – they have moved to a  wall nearby and have been regrouped. A wonderful selection. Worth the visit by themselves.


and not far away a small selection of Laurence Aberhart’s photographs..



Below – SHI Guori’s very moody image of Shangai


Downstairs in Australian Art are two wonderful David Stevenson images – hard to see given how dark they are and how reflective the glass is. There are many more Australian photographs nearby.



And below – those fantastic Rosalie Gasgoine works are still up. A must see!



Visit Canberra for the visual arts during summer 2017/2018

see also Arthur Streeton: The art of war  – click here.

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