Rembrandt at AGNSW

Exhibition: Rembrandt and the Dutch golden age
masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum

Art Gallery of New South Wales till 18 February 2018

Here’s the gallery’s link to information – click here.

I wandered through this exhibition slowly and came away impressed with the selection. This exhibition provides a wonderful taste of this complex period in the development of painting in the west. There are so many paintings here to engage you and to make you think about this fantastic period in the history of painting.

Highly recommended. No matter how many times you have seen Dutch paintings of this period – it is always worth it to see more – or to revisit any you have seen before – and they always take on something new with each exhibition. A must see.

I wandered through once. Then after a break I went through again- this time taking photographs – here’s a few of them.



























Well done to those responsible for getting this exhibition here – and to those who curated it. It looks great.

This exhibition is best viewed when you can stop and contemplate (as with all good exhibitions). I visited on a Thursday – about 11.30. It was busy – but not enough to interfere with taking my time to look at works.

However after lunch when I revisited, it was quieter – still a reasonable number of people there – but not as busy in the morning.

And now to plan a visit to the Rijksmuseum Рanyone offering tickets?

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