Asian Art at the AGNSW

Exhibition: Gloriousearthly pleasures and heavenly realms

Art Gallery of New South Wales –  Asian Art exhibition

This exhibition presents an insightful mixture of contemporary and historical art from our Asian neighbours.

The curator has brilliantly included works from the many regions of East Asia and Southeast Asia. As a result you move from historic to contemporary and along the way you get to see so many beautiful works of art.

The exhibition includes paintings, prints, ceramics, textiles and sculpture dating from the first century to the present.

The exhibition proves again just how important it is to get yourself along to our public art galleries, in this case the AGNSW, and to engage with their collection exhibitions.


Here’s few images. But you must see the exhibition for yourself. I was very taken with the special display of the photographic works by the Malaysian artist, Yee I Lann.








The next four photos are of the works by Yee I Lann – there’s more.








The next photo below is of works from the Christopher Worrall Wilson Bequest of ancestral art from the Indonesian archipelago; it features exquisite sculpture, ceremonial objects, regalia and weapons.


Here’s a sample of more of the exhibition.





and a comment: Two works that were next to each other threw up an interesting reaction. Both require you to sit and to contemplate (although you have to sit to the side of the bench to view the screen).

In the lower image the video work is slow moving and reacts to your presence. It is an interesting work to contemplate. But I found myself enjoying the absolutely beautiful screen so much more. Nothing moved in front of me – but so many thoughts were generated inside my head. I simply found it so much more enjoyable to just sit and contemplate something so beautiful.

Well done to the AGNSW and the curators for presenting such a range of Asian Art and for including Southeast Asian artworks along side the more established East Asian artworks. I look forward to many more visits.

and when you have finished enjoying the Asian Art collections  – keep wandering as there are many more wonderful AGNSW collection exhibitions to see.

Upstairs there’s the accompanying exhibition of Philippines Art.

and – click here for my comments on the AGNSW’s Rembrandt exhibition.

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