Rosalie Gascoigne at the NGA

Exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia

The other day I visited the NGA and was very pleasantly surprised by an exhibition in the first Australian Art exhibition space (near the old front door).

I had set out to take in some other works on the lower floors, contemporary video stuff. On the way through I saw these works and immediately committed to coming back to take them in.

So yes – I quickly returned to this room.

The Rosalie Gascoigne works are absolutely stunning! There is no other way to describe them. I have now visited this room three times, and am looking forward to the next.

Each time I have witnessed other visitors who have shared the joy of engaging with these works – they have also paused and taken them in.

This is great visual arts. It does not lecture you; there may or may not be a political message (that’s up to you); they are not timed based – take as long as you like (unlike videos); the more you gaze – the more interpretations you make of what it is you are looking at; or more simply, you simply take in their beauty – of artworks created using such simple objects and because of the power of creativity of the artist – what a result!

and – you walk away with a smile – having enjoyed yourself. (must be time to go back!)

The works are a gift to the NGA by former NGA staff member Hester Gascoigne, daughter of Rosalie Gascoigne.

In fact this whole room is devoted to works gifted to the NGA.

One would have thought they would have uploaded a web page to let everyone know that such donations are made, how wonderful it is that people do this, and that the NGA recognises the individuals who made these gifts. Why not let everyone know.

Please do not rely on my photographs – you have to see these works for yourself.

And there is quite a range of Visual Arts to see in Canberra right now.

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