Editta Sherman

Exhibition: The Duchess of Carnegie Hall: Photographs by Editta Sherman

Editta Sherman lived and worked above Carnegie Hall from the late 1940s to 2010, photographing thousands of celebrity portraits―actors, writers, poets, and musicians―in classic black-and-white style.

Referred to as the “Duchess of Carnegie Hall” by her dear friend Bill Cunningham, Editta Sherman was featured as the sole model of his 1970s Facades series, exploring period fashions against the architectural history of New York City.

Fifty selections from the Editta Sherman Archive, donated to New-York Historical by her children, will showcase Sherman’s signature style as she captured luminaries such as actor Yul Brenner, author William F. Buckley, Jr., and poet Carl Sandberg through her lens.

click here for the link to to Centre for Women’s History – New York Historical Society

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