Making Modernism at the AGNSW

Exhibition: O’Keeffe, Preston, Cossington Smith

making modernism – the work of three artists, Margaret Preston, Crace Cossington Smith and Georgia O’Keeffe – until 2 Oct 2017.

Wonderful exhibition. I think you need to see it more than once – and allow time to go back and forth a few times.

The works are set out so that the three artists can be appreciated individually. First Margaret Preston, then Crace Cossington Smith and then Georgia O’Keeffe.

Each is a separate experience. I have read elsewhere how reviewers have compared them. Waste of time.

Just enjoy each one and be drawn into how each approached their subjects in their own modernist manner and how they changed and adapted over the decades.

This is an exhibition about beauty and about how three great modernist artists achieved fabulous and very different ways of seeing their surroundings.

Here’s one review – long but worth reading – click here.

This Newcastle reviewer enjoyed the show – click here.

and if you want to have fun  – read this one from The Australian – and for contrast read this on from Fairfax Press.

Here’s a set of photographs of the exhibition. This provides a taste only – you really have to see these works in their groupings as curated by the AGNSW to really appreciate how wonderful these three artists were.

Margaret Preston:


Crace Cossington Smith:

Georgia O’Keefee:

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