NGA: The Third National Indigenous Art Triennial

A quick tour of the NGA exhibition
This tour is meant to whet your appetite for this NGA exhibition – The Third National Indigenous Art Triennial.

I have taken photos of lots of the exhibition – but there is so much more for you. Plus to appreciate the work of the curator you need to walk through yourself (several times)- and see the context in which she has hung the artworks.

This is a very good contemporary visual arts exhibition – that happens also to be all indigenous art. Recommended.

Exhibition rating 4 / 5

The works in the photo below are not in the main exhibition gallery. The curator has chosen to place these works in the first room of the Australian Art galleries; be warned that this means that you may miss them if you go to the NGA and head to the back galleries where the exhibition is located.

Sadly it also means that by using that front space for works from this exhibition, that yet again there is a reduction in the exhibition spaces for the fantastic art from the NGA’s permanent Australian art collection. But there’s a much larger story there for another time.

Here’s Sasha Grishin’s review –  Click here

Reminder that besides the special exhibition above – there is always great works to be seen in the Australian and international collections exhibitions – and for those with an interest in photography – the small exhibition of Japanese 19th C photos, the Eduardo Masferre photographs, and the wall of William Eggleston colour works – and Mexican Modernism.



2017 Mid Winter Visual Arts in Canberra – click here





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