Exhibition: Chinese Whispers and Other Stories, curated by Pia Johnson

This photoaccess exhibition is an exhibition I recommend – not because all the works are successful – but for combined messages.

Here’s photoaccess’ own words:

Bringing together four emerging female artists of Chinese descent, this exhibition seeks to reveal the complex and shifting nature of cultural difference, identity and migrant stories in ‘multicultural’ Australia.

Featuring interstate photo-based artists Pia Johnson, Tammy Law, Janelle Low and Siying Zhou.


Tammy Law‘s works in the back room were the highlight for me – except for one thing. Her prints contain very intelligent and engaging images – but the printing is not good.

These photographs should sparkle (they don’t) – and then they should also be produced a little larger so that you could view them more easily from across the room.


The video by Siying Zhou is fascinating – and fun – as you watch the couple cooking their first Lamingtons. I did not see it all – as it is 75 minutes long.


Pia Johnson’s images arranged across a long wall – mixing her Chinese Italian and Chinese heritage. I was not taken with this particular arrangement – and was frustrated by not being able to step back to take it all in. I suspect there was a better layout for these images.


and finally – Janelle Low. Intriguing – personal tensions and an unsettling intimacy.


Here’s a review of the exhibition by Peter Haynes – I agree with most of his comments – click here.

A good exhibition – although I suggest it required a different curatorial approach to make a better use of the rooms – and to give all the works better opportunities to be viewed.

Here’s a link to photoaccess.

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