Pipilotti Rist

NGA Video: Worry will vanish revelation

A special room has been constructed downstairs for this video by Pipilotti Rist.

Apparently you are to relax on the cushions on the floor and allow the images and sounds to wash over you. I was not tempted. Nothing special happening here for me. As for one woman in the corner – she was very busy on her iPhone. And there was a man there on the floor. I hope someone woke him up before they locked the gallery (being about 4.45pm) as he was totally out to it – in a very deep sleep.

I think you have to to be on happy things to go with this one… As for the video itself – many artists have done better work over the last couple of decades – and you only have to watch music videos to see stuff like this.

It is good for what it is as a video – but not what I view as great visual art.

From the NGA’s wall plaque – here’s the explanation – hmm!

Worry will vanish revelation

Be seduced by the close-up, colour saturated universe of Piptlotti Rist: remove your shoes and step inside an alternative space, recline and give yourself permission to stop and stretch out Allow your mind a reprieve from the day’s schedule, release your worry. Slow your breathing by relaxing each body part; absorb your surrounds through your eyes and ears. Listen to the soundscape of a rhythmic, whirring pulse. As an entity who is now open to both supra and subliminal forces, give yourself over to the ‘moment of now’ where your physical boundaries start to dissolve and your mind is free to glide, tilt and flow.

Worry will vanish revelation adopts the lessons of ‘autogenic training’ —a set of physical exercises combined with repeated visualisations—developed in the 1930s by psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz. With the invitation to lie down, Fast physically re-positions viewers into a posture of relaxation, subsequently lulling them into a psychologically meditative state. The sequencing of hyper-visuals that follow take the viewer on a journey both inside the human body and traversing the skin; we fly like insects amongst the micro-cosmos of nature, yet at other moments seem to be exploring the vastness of the universe. Rist’s offering is both visceral and psychological—a trip through the sensual and sublime.

and to see the NGA’s pages on this artist and her work – click here.

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