Penny Byrne

Exhibition: Brutal at Linden New Art

At Linden in St Kilda (Melbourne) till 8th March 2017.

This very moving exhibition is a fabulous example of an artist taking available materials, ceramics, and with some very well crafted manipulations and additions, delivers are very succinct message about the cruelty being carried out within our world -and makes a brutal comment on things such as the Catholic Church and nasties such as Trump.

You enjoy the level of craft on exhibition – and you admire the artist’s talent and use of materials – while the point of each work hits you hard between the eyes/ directly in the heart.

So much of these crimes and political misdemeanours are being carried out daily – while we watch and wonder what we can do.

Is it anger we experience when we see these works – or does the artist force us to confront the issues through her beautiful use of her medium of choice – ceramics.

The messages are very brutal.

Here are some images from the exhibition at Linden:

The boy on the orange chair did not at first work as I did not understand it. But when I returned to my computer and put in the name ‘Omran’ – up came that story of the five year old who was pulled from the rubble at Allepo. Then it hit.

An outstanding exhibition.

Here’s a link to Linden – click here.

A link to the artist’s website – click here.

and – a link to a piece about the work – click here.


One thought on “Penny Byrne”

  1. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for the great review of my show. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to really “see” my work.
    With kind regards,
    PS: I’m pleased you looked up Omran

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