Wesley Stacey at MGA

Exhibition: Wesley Stacey – The Wild Thing

Congratulations to the Monash Gallery of Art (MGA) for this wonderful exhibition of the Australian photographer, Wesley Stacey.

The collection the MGA has put together and is now on exhibition is a great example of the wonders of photography. There are some truly beautiful photographs on exhibition.

Here’s a 1991 piece by Gael Newton – click here.

and a statement by Wesley – click here.

Here are photographs of the exhibition, a talk by Wesley and the official opening talk by Gael Newton.

And along the way I also managed to catch a portrait or two of the man himself – in front of his landmark piece – The Road.


If you like great photography – this is an exhibition not to be missed. Allow time to take in the works – as they work on several levels.

They are beautiful to behold but behind many of them is a subtle message about our world, the environment and the need for all of us to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us – if only we could all stop and take it in.

Wesley Stacey – The wild thing

At The Monash Gallery of Art – 4 March 2017 to 28 April 2017

Wesley Stacey is a living legend of environmental photography. In the 1970s he turned his back on the bright lights of Sydney and set up camp in the wilderness of the NSW south coast. For over 40 years he has lived in the ‘great outdoors’, using photography to explore and connect with the ecological complexity of the Australian landscape.

The wild thing, curated from the MGA’s own photography collection, surveys four decades of Stacey’s work. From his lively colour snapshots to his epic black-and-white panoramas, Stacey pays tribute to the wildness at the heart of our existence on Earth.


if you want to see more of Wesley Stacey’s work – click here.

and (as part of the above)

Here’s a link to the 1975 exhibition at the Australian Centre of Photography (ACP) where Wesley’s now famous piece, The Road, was exhibited for the first time. It was wonderful then – and is great now. Click here.

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