Vermeer at the Louvre

Jonathan Jones recognises the genius of Vermeer

Click on the above for Jonathan Jones’s piece in The Guardian on Vermeer.

Click here – for the website dedicated to Vermeer – and/ or for the actual catalogue of his work (on the same site) – click here.

anyone out there like to pay for a flight to Paris for me…?


One thought on “Vermeer at the Louvre”

  1. Not surprising staff want to strike. The crowds were horrendous and there was very bad organisation.
    Maybe the problems is due in part to the curator’s take on this show, which is that Vermeer was just one of a number of genre painters, looking at similar subjects. They don’t truly acknowledge the tremendous difference there is between his work and that of others. Yet the many who come to this exhibition know differently. They know his pictures shine out from the gallery wall with a light that is absent in the others.The experts were not prepared for such enthusiasm, and do not think it necessary to discuss how Vermeer could have achieved his luminous paintings. They also reject the idea that he could or might have used a camera obscura, calling this idea a ‘fantasy’.

    To see a different view go to

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