Townsville Perc Tucker Gallery

Another hit by corporate consultants

townsvilleTwo stories that provide an overview of what happens when a local council takes the advice of the latest fashionable corporate consultants.

In such cases the council drives the agenda to cut costs and uses the consultants to justify the absurd restructure of the curatorial and gallery director positions.

In Townsville’s case it goes completely off the planet with positions that suit some theoretical model but have nothing to do with the realities of running cultural facilities.

Of course we have seen this stupid corporate (non cultural) approach with several key large cultural institutions – eg Newcastle City Gallery, AGNSW and more recently there are signs of it at the National Gallery. One sign of the absurdity is the rise of weird new titles for their executive positions.

The council or boards of these cultural institutions usually state that they rely on the advice of ‘independent’ consultants – which is of course utter rubbish. They know what type of advice they want and pay these┬áconsultants loads of cash to provide the reasons for the boards/councils to make their damaging restructures.

But back to Townsville – suggest reading this first – click here, then the second – click here.


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