Andrew Moore

Dirt Meridian, Joslyn Museum, Omaha Nebraska

andrew-mooreAn online feature about another wonderful landscape photographer.

From ArtDaily:

Photographer Andrew Moore has worked along the 100th meridian for the past decade, drawn to its mythic past and the people who call the High Plains home.

Based out of Rushville, Nebraska, for much of this project, Moore found an unassuming landscape that revealed a long history of challenging weather, repeated drought, and ongoing cycles of economic boom and bust. Set within the context of this demanding legacy, however, he also discovered the vitality of its inhabitants and the elegance of the plains’ spare topography.

Although literally the center of the United States, its sparse population teeters between geographic isolation and its prominent role in national and global markets for agriculture, energy, and natural resources.

Moore sets this dynamic against the enduring myths of a quintessentially American landscape, balancing the weight of its past against a complex future.


for more – click here for the artist’s website

For the gallery website – click here.

and here – for the review on ArtDaily.

Exhibition closes January 8th 2017.

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