Harold Cazneaux

Harold Cazneaux at ANMM


This exhibition staged by the Australian national Maritime Museum is highly recommended. It is a gem.

The curator, Daina Fletcher, is to be congratulated for the aesthetically attractive curatorial approach she has taken to presenting the photographs and associated materials.

You walk around the corner (top image) and the exhibition stretches out in front of you. The vista before you invites you to take the time to explore. This is a very engaging exhibition.

This is a great exhibition for lovers of Harold Cazneaux’s photographs, for those with an interest in Sydney harbour in the early part of the 20th Century as well as those with an interest in just how much Sydney has changed.

The exhibition has come about through a combination of the museum’s own collections, some recent purchases from members of the Cazneaux family, some loans from the families and finally through a donation by one of the granddaughters, Anne Christoffersen.

There are some newspaper articles online:

From the North Shore Times  – and another from the Sydney Morning Herald.

The museum has a very informative blog page on the exhibition.

And if that is not enough – here is some images of the exhibition – but you need to get yourself over to the museum to see the real stuff – it will be worth it. It closes on 5th Feb 2017.

Photographs from the ANMM Cazneaux exhibition
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and there’s more – check the exhibition out on Facebook; or twitter – or Instagram.


Finally a footnote of recognition.

Gael Newton worked on behalf of the Cazneaux family to make the initial connections for the Museum to buy and receive Cazneaux photographs. She also supplied some research that assisted the curator and has since followed through on several other matters to ensure all went well.  That’s what she does.

And there’s more:

Sally Garrett, the Cazneaux family archivist is recognised for the extensive work she has done for this exhibition as well as for her many years of experience documenting the Cazneaux heritage.






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