Hockney at the NGA

Australian National Gallery exhibition: David Hockney prints  

free exhibition – till 27 May 2018

a must see for lovers of fine drawing, printing and image making.

The exhibition presents a host of prints from the NGA’ collection.

This is an an exhibition to spend time with – and then return to see it again. Highly recommended.

Here’s the link to the gallery’s page.

and a few samples – a few of my photos of the exhibition:









2 thoughts on “Hockney at the NGA”

  1. As I will miss this exhibition by one week, could you advise me where it is going next?


    1. I suspect the bad news for others not in or visiting Canberra is that this Hockney exhibition is a collection exhibition that is probably not going to tour. I have checked the online schedule and it is not listed – so I suggest the answer is that it is not going to tour. Other than that you will need to ring or email the NGA and ask.

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