Victorian Watercolours at the AGNSW

Exhibition: Victorian Watercolours

An exhibition that has not received enough publicity – but is a must see.

The NSW Art Gallery has been working behind the scenes to restore a large collection of watercolours – many of which have not been seen for ages.

In fact they are now being exhibited in their original location and in the style of the day.

This is a great collection and deserves to be seen by anyone with an interest in the early days of collecting by the AGNSW.

Here’s a great article on Artshub – titled ” The exhibition that hasn’t been seen in over a century”. Click here – if that does not work – use the title and google it.

I was really taken by the work of Arthur Melville – and have looked him up; very interesting artist.

Here’s a link about him – click here.

As I have said about viewing exhibitions online – you must treat this as an introduction; you must go and see the whole exhibition and enjoy how it has been curated and laid out; and enjoy so many wonderful works.



Victorian Watercolours is on from 2 June to 3 December, Grand Courts, Art Gallery of New South Wales. Free admission. Find out more here 

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