Robert Boynes

Exhibition: Modern Times at the Drill Hall Gallery

This survey of works by Robert Boynes is one very engaging exhibition.

This is a must see for people interested in issues and to see how they are confronted by a brilliant visual artist. Highly recommended.

My Rating would be 5/5

I quote the last paragraphs from a review by Sasha Grishin:

The exhibition is about violence and the abuse of power, but also about coercion and excess, where man sets out not only to destroy fellowman, but also the global environment. We respond strongly to these paintings, seeing within them a universal agony and through this act of empathy we testify to the fact that there exists a common sense of morality and what is happening throughout the world and is applauded by many of our political leaders violates our understanding of decency and what it means to be human.

Bob Dylan’s Modern Times (2006) brought together echoes of the past as a comment on the present; Bob Boynes’ Modern Times also looks a long way beyond the horizon and presents a passionate and partisan plea for humankind to remember its humanity. It is a profound, beautiful and powerful exhibition.

here’s a few images of the exhibition hang – plus a few of the many I would happily take home.












Here’s Sasha’ full review – click here.

Robert Boynes: Modern Times. At the ANU Drill Hall Gallery, Kingsley Street, Acton. Till August 13, 2017. Click here for the gallery website

and there’s more – click here for the list of paintings on the Beaver Gallery website.

and for Robert’s own website – click here



2017 Mid Winter Visual Arts in Canberra – click here



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