NGA exhibitions

A 2017 mid winter meander through the NGA

There is a load of reasons why you should visit the NGA right now..

And I do not just mean for their special exhibition (always recommended), but I am recommending a tour of the NGA’s fabulous collections exhibitions.

The Australian art collections exhibitions are on the ground floor and the International collection exhibitions are on the floor above.

You will not find much mention of these exhibitions on the NGA website (who knows why?) –  yet these collection exhibitions are by themselves worth a special trip to the NGA to spend several hours taking in some great visual arts.

Right now I have to say that the collection exhibitions are looking something special – both the hangs (Australian and International) are very intelligently and thoughtfully curated. The result is a very enjoyable experience as you meander through.

For lovers of photography – there is sadly no special and dedicated photography gallery at the NGA – and who knows who makes these decisions given the huge following for all forms of photography.

But – the compensation is that at the moment there is quite a lot of photography scattered throughout the collection exhibitions.

Here’s a few images of the present hangs – noting that they do change ever and now then. These represent a small portion of what is on exhibition. You must get yourself to the NGA soon.






























and remember you can enter and leave on the bridge (old entrance) that takes you over to the National Portrait Gallery. This means you get to walk amongst the tree tops.




2017 Mid Winter Visual Arts in Canberra – click here

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