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A new research book has been published by the National Gallery of Singapore. It contains essays on Southeast Asian art by 25 scholars. One of the contributing scholars is Gael Newton.

The book is available from the NGS shop and through their website – click here.


An Introduction: Low Sze Wee

Address of Art: Vicinity of Region, Horizon of History – Patrick D. Flores

  1. When Was Modernism? A Historiography of Singapore Art – Kevin Chua
  2. The 19th-Century “Origins” of Singapore Art – Kwa Chong Guan
  3. Colonial Art as a Space of the Asian Modern – John Clark
  4. The Javanese Painter Raden Saleh (c. 1811-1880): A Star in the Firmament of Indonesian Modern Visual Art – Marie-Odette Scalliet
  5. Towards a History of the Asian Photographer at Home and Abroad: Case Studies of Southeast Asian Pioneers Francis Chit, Kassian Cephas and Yu Chong
    Gael Newton
  6. Pre-war (1886-1941) Art Activities of the Chinese Communityin Singapore through a Narrative Framework of Diasporic Bonds – Yeo Mang Thong
  7. A “Forgotten” Art World: The Singapore Art Club and its Colonial Women Artists
    Yvonne Low
  8. Balinese Modernism – Adrian Vikers
  9. The Birth of Tine Art’ in Southeast Asia, 1900-1945 – Ushiroshoji Masahiro
  10. Conditions of Freedom, Contingencies of Art – Patrick D. Flores
  11. The Transition of Thai Traditional Art to Modern Art in the 1950s and 1960s
    Somporn Rodboon
  12. Landscape Painting in Indonesia: Continuity and Change in President Sukarno’s Collection – Susie Protschky
  13. Conflict and Denial: The Discourse of Identity in Indonesian Art, 1950s-1980s
    Aminudin TH Siregar
  14. Lim Hak Tai Points a Third Way: Towards a Socially Engaged Art by the Nanyang Artists, 1950s-1960s  – Seng Yu Jin
  15. The Woman and the Vista: Intimate Revolt of the Cultural Left
    Simon Soon
  16. Cultural Wars in Southeast Asia: The Birth of the Critical Exhibition in the 1970s
    Seng Yu Jin
  17. Reading Conceptual Art in Southeast Asia: A Beginning – T.K. Sabapathy
  18. The Singapore Contemporary and Contemporary Art in Singapore
    C.J.W.-L. Wee
  19. Continuity and Change: Vietnamese Art in the Age of Doi Mdi
    Nora A.Taylor
  20. Unpacking the Legacy of an Exceptional Artist from Myanmar: Bagyi Aung Soe (1923-1990) – Yin Ker
  21. Emergencies: History and the Auto-Ethnographic Impulse in Contemporary Cambodian Art – Ashley Thompson
  22. Rhetorical Postures and the Photographic Condition: A Minor Malaysian Detour – Adele Tan
  23. Undoing the Global: Contemporary Art of Singapore – June Yap
  24. Drafting History: Meditation on Location, Institutions and Myth-Making in Visual Arts in Postcolonial Singapore – Venka Purushothaman
  25. Metonym and Metaphor, Islands and Continents: Reflections on Curating Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia  – Lee Weng Choy

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Notes on the Contributors



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