The Photography Room

April 2017 exhibitions at The Photography Room


Canberra’s The Photography Room continues to provide an amazing array of photography exhibition.

The recommendation is that you must visit The Photography Room to take in the three exhibition.

  • Gary Ramage – Afghanistan
  • Scot Newman – Half Tone
  • Rohan Thomson – The Makers



First in the downstairs gallery:

Rohan Thomson’s The Makers will catch you out, as he has used the now ‘ancient’ art of the Polaroid and so each image is unique and is small being about 8 by 11 cm.

The Makers, being local artworkers, have been photographed at work at their craft  – with this image being alongside a portrait shot.

His photographs are wonderful and this exhibition has the benefit of promoting local artists and craftspeople.


Scot Newman’s exhibition Half Tone is an in-you-face collection of works that magically use the beautiful soft tones of photography.

Scot has stopped to make photographs in those places we pass often without taking too much notice – hopefully as we are usually concentrating on driving.

He uses images of infrastructure–bridges, concrete barricades etc, –to produce photographs of constructed landscapes and of formal shapes that we pass by.

Scot definitely has that eye for an image.



Finally at The Photography Room is an extraordinary exhibition by Gary Ramage – simply titled Afghanistan.

Many artists have ventured in to this foreign and dangerous place. This photographer has done so and has come back with a powerful set of absolutely beautiful images.

He really knows how to capture an image – and then even more importantly he really knows how to print. They are things of beauty to be admired.

While the subject matter for these works are the soldiers on the front line, these images are timeless in their nature.

Some of the images, especially the one of soldiers resting in that small open room, reminded me of paintings from many centuries ago.

Gary has captured moments, sometimes laden with anxiety and often moments of peace in this troubled place – and has produced a set of photographs that demonstrate the rich quality of good black and white photography.

Do not be fooled that you can view any of these images online and know what they are about – you have to see these photographs in the flesh to really appreciate their aesthetics and formal qualities.

A must see for anyone with an interest in photography.

Congratulations again to The Photography Room!


The Photography Room: The three exhibitions till 7th May 2017; Sunday 10am – 4pm at the Kingston Bus Depot Markets.


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