Robert Rauschenberg

Review: Robert Rauschenberg at the TATE

I could spend hours writing about some of the stuff now being exhibited as being contemporary art.

So much of the current contemporary visual arts is not good despite the enormous coverage that so many exhibition now receive.

So much of it is a re-run of installation art and video and any combination of such. there’s not a lot that is original.

There is a load of words being written to justify much of the contemporary art now on exhibition. The distance between the reality of the works and the convoluted high praise that is written about them is absolutely amazing.

There’s also a lot that is wonderful.

Meanwhile there is Robert Rauschenberg! Now there’s some real and wonderous contemporary visual arts and a fabulous artist .

I would love to be visiting London right now and to be able to see the exhibition at the TATE.

Here’s ‘s review of the exhibition.

and here’s a link to the TATE – click here.

All assistance with air tickets gratefully received.

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